I’ve got a new book out! Willa the Chinchilla, story by Annen Weber, pictures by me!

This one was a lot of fun to work on and I’m really pleased with the final product. It’s also a really great story. Even if it wasn’t me, I would happily recommend this book for anyone with early readers in their household. Or even anyone who is just really found of Chinchillas.

It’s the story of what happens when you try to have someone else’s cake, and eat it too!
Willa the Chinchilla lives in her chinchilla villa along with her happy human family. Every day, Willa gets a special treat – a plump, purple raisin right from the box.

But one day Willa sees her family having a party with a massive, pink, fluffy birthday cake and she decides she wants it more than anything else in the world. A massive tummy ache later, Willa has learned a lesson about what is and isn’t for Chinchillas.

Willa the chinchilla is a lighthearted, educational story for parents to read aloud or for early readers to explore alone. Get it on Amazon.